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It is now our time to play a central role in our unfolding history and sustain and preserve our fait

Kano Kalo (LIVE)

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Nearly 100 years ago our early immigrant founders raised $35,000 to construct our church building, as we know it today. These same founders had a vision to build a church that would one day become the heart and center of the religious, social, and ethnic life of the Greek Orthodox community. I would say our forefathers were successful in meeting this vision.

St. Vasilios Greek Orthodox Church

Today, our Parish is facing a dominant issue regarding the seriousness of the leaks in and around the two bell towers on the roof of the church. The Parish Council hired an Architectural firm, Menders, Torrey & Spencer Inc. (MTS), to investigate the structural integrity of the bell towers and the repair of the water infiltration issues. The resulting conditions assessment report revealed that the church roof over the church building be replaced, that the structural reinforcements of the bell towers be repaired, the flat roof over the educational lobby and kitchen be replaced, and that all deteriorated materials (woodwork, trims, moldings, pilasters etc.) also be repaired. The preliminary cost for all this work is estimated at $725,000.

Our beloved St. Vasilios is a place of treasured memories. It’s been a place where we have baptized our children and grandchildren, held our weddings and laid our loved ones to rest. As our forefathers did, we must now rise to the occasion as great stewards and rehabilitate our church for generations yet to come.

Work is estimated to begin in the summer of 2013 once we have secured the necessary pledges to obtain a loan. Over the summer, the Parish Council has created a committee of trusted individuals who will lead the fundraising effort. To kick off our fundraising efforts, the members of Parish Council have pledged $20,000 toward this project. Included in this mailing is a pledge form that we are kindly asking you to complete and return to the church no later than December 31, 2012 and payment of pledges can be over a three-year period.

We know this capital campaign will not be our last as we have many capital needs. As we look to the future, we must be proactive and plan to give annually, not only for our annual stewardship which supports our operating budget, but also to our capital fund which will allow us to plan for and continually keep up with capital repairs and improvements. In 1965, nearly fifty years ago, each St. Vasilios family was asked for $300 to build our Educational Center where, at that time, the primary occupation was a leather factory worker. Therefore, as you contemplate your giving ability, your pledge should be an additional sacrifice above your annual stewardship so that we are able to sustain the buildings that our forefathers with much fewer resources built for us.

Your continued support and generosity toward the Bell Tower Project will reinforce the personal sacrifice of our forefathers who worked diligently to establish a church for the worship of God and to promote our language and heritage. It is now our time to play a central role in our unfolding history and sustain and preserve our faith, language, and heritage for those who are to follow.

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