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How to Write a Compelling Story

Sharing your story may be difficult, but doing so can bring together friends and family who are looking to help.

Here are tips on how to write a good story:

Share your story honestly

Describe the situation from your point of view. Tell people the facts about what happened, why you're raising funds, and how you feel.

Be transparent and clear about the funds raised

Break down how the money you raised will be used and where additional funds raised beyond your goal will go.

Talk about the recipient

If you're raising funds for someone else, explain who the recipient is and how you know them. Paint a complete picture for your audience about this person and why they're important to you.

Your story doesn't need to be lengthy to be compelling: two to three meaningful paragraphs can go a long way.


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I give these for my late grandmather10 Months ago
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demo publisher10 Months ago
Κωστας Δερμενουδης
Κωστας Δερμενουδης4 Months ago

Sxolio gia dokimi - Σχόλιο για δοκιμή

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